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Schuette Earns Strong Support from Michigan Republican State Committee Members

Schuette Earns Strong Support from Michigan Republican State Committee Members

51 Michigan Republican State Committee Members, including 9 of 14 District Chairs, back Bill Schuette for Governor

Updated 2/8/18

LANSING, MI — As Republicans from across the state gather in Lansing to meet for their December State Committee meeting, Bill Schuette today announced he has received the endorsement of 51 Michigan Republican State Committee Members, including 9 of 14 District Chairs.

“Bill has always been a friend to the party. When others abandoned the brand, it was Bill who stood by us and I am confident he will continue to stand with ‘We the People’ as Governor,” said Judy Rapanos, Fourth District Chair for the Michigan Republican Party.

“Attorney General Bill Schuette has been an exemplary attorney general and will make an exemplary governor. He understands the unique challenges our state faces and is best suited to make sure that the lost decade stays behind us. He will ensure that Michigan is a growth state, a paycheck state, and a jobs state. Bill is the leader we need to reach higher, ” said Jesse Osmer, First District Chair for the Michigan Republican Party.

“Bill is a rule-of-law, grassroots conservative who’s always been on the right side of the issues. I am happy to stand with him and support his campaign to continue that leadership as our next Governor,” said Vic Fitz, Sixth District Chair for the Michigan Republican Party.

“Bill is a bold leader who knows that when the government takes less of what you make, hard working Michigan families get to keep more of what they earn. That’s a conservative philosophy Bill has stood by and Michigan families can’t afford not to have Bill fighting for them as our next governor,” said Bill Runco, 12th District Chair for the Michigan Republican Party.

“I am honored to receive such strong support from the Michigan Republican State Committee,” said Schuette. “These are fantastic grassroots Republican leaders across Michigan and I am counting on their help to make Michigan win again in 2018. Together, we will bring more jobs, paychecks, and growth to our communities.”

Michigan Republican State Committee will meet this Saturday, December 9th at 10AM at The Lansing Center. It is currently made up of 111 committee members with representatives from every Congressional District in Michigan. It serves as the governing body for the Michigan Republican Party.

Since announcing on September 12th, Schuette’s campaign to become Michigan’s governor has rapidly built support from conservative leaders who recognize Bill is the best choice to lead Michigan. Schuette’s campaign is endorsed by local conservative leaders such as Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Candice Miller, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, Congressman Paul Mitchell, Congressman John Moolenaar, Congressman Dave Trott, and Michigan’s Republican National Committeewoman Kathy Berden. Schuette was also endorsed by President Donald J. Trump shortly after announcing for governor in September. Most recently, Vice President Pence, Governor Scott Walker, and Ted Nugent showed support for Schuette.

Team Schuette is currently collecting petition signatures across Michigan to Put Bill on the Ballot. If you’d like to sign and volunteer to help, contact [email protected].

The following Michigan State Committee Members endorse Bill Schuette for Governor:

District 1 – Jesse Osmer – District Chair, Sandra Call, John Haggard, Kim MacMaster, Kirk Schott, Judi Schwalbach, & Stephen Yoder

District 2 – James Bolger & Jessica Ann Tyson

District 3 – Jake Jelsema

District 4 – Judy Rapanos – District Chair, Carolyn Curtin, Mary Nordbeck, Eric St. Onge, Robin Stressman, & Gerald Wall

District 5 – District Chair – Scott Bennett & Ian Shetron

District 6 – District Chair – Vic Fitz, Darlene DeWitt, David Eyke, Ann Vrablic, Cheryl Warner, & Kevin Whiteford

District 7 – District Chair – Hank Choate & Michael Brown

District 8 – District Chair – Norm Shinkle, Brian Beauchine, Bill Holt, & Lana Mangiapane

District 9 – Catherine Kirk & Larry Rocca

District 10 – District Chair – Stan Grot, Kurt Broadridge, Joe Gorak, Gary Howell, Gaylene Hunter, Ann Paprocki, & Kim Shmina

District 11 – Chris Roosen, David Staudt, & Jill Wilkinson

District 12 – District Chair – Bill Runco

District 13 – Matthew Hauser & Ida Shelly

District 14 – Donzelle Green, Tom Isaacs & Jennifer Oram

County Chair Representative – Yvonne Whitbeck

RNC National Committeewoman – Kathy Berden

RWFM President – Linda Lee Tarver

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