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Schuette Announces Legislative Leadership Team

Schuette Announces Legislative Leadership Team

In the midst of major debate over tax reform at the Capitol, 49 conservative legislators say Schuette is the best choice as the next leader of Michigan

Updated 6/12/2018

LANSING, MI — The Bill Schuette for Governor campaign today announced that Schuette has received the endorsements of 49 conservative state legislators from across Michigan. The endorsements come at a key time as Schuette is leading the charge for major tax reform at the state level.

Schuette is proud to have the support of this group of conservative leaders who represent every region of our great state. These leaders have picked Bill Schuette because of his leadership skills on important topics such as the current debate in Lansing over cutting taxes. Michigan needs decisive, conservative leadership to reach higher in 2019 and these 49 Republican legislators have picked Bill Schuette as their choice to be Michigan’s next governor.

Schuette is a leading voice in the current tax fight, in which he has called for slashing the state income tax by about 10% by rolling back the “temporary” increase put in place by former Governor Jennifer Granholm, but never repealed. Schuette said Michigan simply cannot catch up to fast growing states if we keep the status quo on taxes. He stands with these conservative leaders in the legislature as they work to move Michigan forward. 

“Michigan’s Republican congressional delegation passed historic tax reform that has already paid off for Michigan with 2,500 new jobs, a billion dollar investment and a return of auto manufacturing from Mexico back to Michigan,” said Schuette. “I stand side-by-side with Michigan’s Republican state legislative delegation, as well, as they now work to also cut taxes at the state level.”

Schuette is the choice for governor for many leading conservative, low-tax leaders, such as Candice Miller, Paul Mitchell, John Moolenaar, and David Trott. Schuette’s agenda for bigger paychecks and lower taxes is also backed by President Trump, Vice President Pence and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

The following members of the Michigan House of Representatives and Senate have joined Team Schuette:

Representative Julie Alexander, Hanover (District 64)

Representative Sue Allor, Wolverine (District 106)

Representative Tom Barrett, Potterville (District 71)

Speaker Pro Tempore Lee Chatfield, Levering (District 107)

Majority Assistant Floor Leader Triston Cole, Mancelona (District 105)

Representative Laura Cox, Livonia (District 19)

Representative Diana Farrington, Utica (District 30)

Representative Ben Frederick, Owosso (District 85)

Majority Associate Speaker Pro Tempore Gary Glenn, Williams Township (District 98)

Representative Joseph Graves, Argentine Township (District 51)

Representative Beth Griffin, Mattawan (District 66)

Representative Roger Hauck, Mount Pleasant (District 99)

Representative Michele Hoitenga, Manton (District 102)

Representative Pamela Hornberger, Chesterfield (District 32)

Representative Gary Howell, North Branch (District 82)

Representative Tim Kelly, Saginaw Township (District 94)

Representative Klint Kesto, Commerce Township (District 39)

Representative Beau Lafave, Iron Mountain (District 108)

Representative Kim LaSata, St. Joseph (District 79)

Majority Floor Leader Daniel Lauwers, Brockway Township (District 81)

Majority Caucus Chair Eric Leutheuser, Hillsdale (District 58)

Representative Peter Lucido, Shelby Township (District 36)

Representative Steve Marino, Harrison Township (District 24)

Representative Mike McCready, Bloomfield Township (District 40)

Representative Aaron Miller, Sturgis (District 59)

Representative Daire Rendon, Lake City (District 103)

Representative Jim Runestad, White Lake (District 44)

Representative Jason Sheppard, Temperance (District 56)

Majority Associate Speaker Pro Tempore Jim Tedder, Clarkston (District 43)

Representative Curt VanderWall, Ludington (District 101)

Representative Scott VanSingel, Grant (District 100)

Representative Hank Vaupel, Fowlerville (District 47)

Majority Whip Rob VerHeulen, Walker (District 74)

Representative Jason Wentworth, Clare (District 97)

Caucus Vice Chair Mary Whiteford, Casco Township (District 80)

Representative Jeff Yaroch, Richmond (District 33)

The following leaders in the Michigan State Senate support Bill Schuette:

Assistant Majority Whip Darwin Booher, Evart (District 35)

Majority Whip Jack Brandenburg, Harrison Township (District 8)

Senator Tom Casperson, Escanaba (District 38)

Senator Mike Green, Mayville (District 31)

Assistant Majority Leader Goeff Hansen, Hart (District 34)

Senator Ken Horn, Frankenmuth (District 32)

Senator Joe Hune, Fowlerville (District 22)

Senator Rick Jones, Grand Ledge (District24)

Senator Jim Marleau, Lake Orion (District 12)

Senator Phil Pavlov, St. Clair (District 25)

Senator John Proos, St. Joseph (District 21)

Majority Caucus Chairperson Dave Robertson, Grand Blanc (District 14)

Senator Mike Shirkey, Clarklake (District 16)

Assistant Majority Floor Leader Jim Stamas, Midland (District 36)

“Bill Schuette has the qualities we need in a governor. He’s consistent, courageous and conservative. He is his own man and has shown that he’s not afraid to do what is right and puts principle over politics. That is what a leader does and he’s the candidate Republicans need in November. That’s why I am proud to endorse Bill Schuette for governor,” said Speaker Pro Tempore Lee Chatfield, R – Levering, of the 107th District.

“To take Michigan higher, we need a governor who will support our work to cut taxes with the urgency and leadership Bill Schuette shows. Michigan families made a statement about their vision for Michigan by electing President Trump. They want lower taxes because that means more jobs and paychecks for our state. It’s time to give those Michigan families the pay raise they want under a Governor Bill Schuette,” said Senate Majority Whip Jack Brandenburg, R – Harrison Township, of the 8th District.

“Bill Schuette is the best candidate in this race with the winning leadership it takes to be governor. Bill is always on the right side of the issues, especially when it comes to lowering taxes. I know that with a Governor Bill Schuette, Michigan will never return to the failed leadership that ransacked Michigan’s economy during the Lost Decade of Jennifer Granholm,” said State Senator John Proos, R – St. Joseph, of the 21st District.

“Bill says it all the time: big visions mean big goals. It’s time we elect a leader who pushes Michigan’s potential to its fullest and challenges the status quo. Right now, that means more tax cuts for Michigan families and businesses. If we are serious about leading Michigan into a future of job creation and paychecks, we need a time-tested, true conservative leader with the guts and vision to make that happen,” said State Senator Tom Casperson, R – Escanaba, of the 38th District. 

“As a mother and lawmaker, I fight every day to ensure Michigan’s best days are ahead of us. Bill Schuette shares this vision, and he sees education as the keys to that future. He understands that education is an economic issue, and he will fight until all students can spell ‘opportunity’ and read the roadmap to get themselves there,” said State Representative Laura Cox, R – Livonia, of the 19th District.

“Whether it’s the right to life or the right to keep and bear arms, or whether it’s standing up for our students’ ability to get into universities based on their merit, every conservative touchstone issue I’m aware of, Bill Schuette has led the charge, going to the U.S. Court of Appeals, even all the way to the Supreme Court, to stand up for our constitutional values. He can win the election, he can beat the Democrats in 2018, and he can make Michigan a jobs state and a paycheck state, where we can raise our families and be proud to do so. We ought to be the leading job creating juggernaut in the country, and I believe Bill Schuette will make that happen,” said State Representative Gary Glenn, R – Williams Township, of the 98th District.

“Bill Schuette is a proven leader for Michigan. He truly cares about our children, seniors, veterans and families. He knows that the success of our businesses is crucial to Michigan’s ultimate success. I support Bill Schuette because I know he will put our families first and defend our God-given rights,” said State Representative Mary Whiteford, R – Casco Township, of the 80th District.

“If there’s one man who has the experience to make Michigan great again, to make sure we protect our families, uphold the Constitution, and continue to make a difference, it’s Governor Bill Schuette,” said Assistant Majority Floor Leader Jim Stamas, R – Midland, of the 36th District.

“Under Bill’s Leadership, the next eight years will result in Michigan accelerating its climb to the top amongst its peers in America.” said Senator Mike Shirkey R – Clarklake, of the 16th District.

“Michigan legislators want a true conservative with the bold and decisive leadership they need to get the job done,” said Schuette. “The current tax cut issue is a great example of this shortfall. Giving Michigan families a tax cut and a pay raise isn’t a tough choice, but it’s an uphill battle when you don’t have leaders who will fight for you.


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