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ENOUGH! It Is Time To Slash Auto Insurance Rates

Michigan families pay America’s highest auto insurance rates.  After years of paying big bills with no end in sight, Bill Schuette tells Michigan families that he will take charge as governor and slash auto insurance rates

MIDLAND – The Bill Schuette for Governor campaign today announced a new television ad focused on Bill Schuette’s plan to take charge as governor and finally reduce Michigan’s sky-high auto insurance rates.

“Michigan families have been paying the highest auto insurance rates in the country for too long,” said Schuette.  “Enough is enough. As governor, I will make it a priority to finally slash auto insurance rates, put more money in family bank accounts, and give people more reasons to move to Michigan.  It’s all part of our Paycheck Agenda for growth.”

The ad started today and is running on broadcast television across Michigan.


“Because of Lansing’s failure, Michigan families are paying the highest auto insurance rates in America.

$1,000 more than the national average.

I’m Bill Schuette and I’m going to stop it.

As your governor, I’ll take on the trial lawyers and their frivolous lawsuits,

Crack down on fraud

And pass real auto insurance reform.

Working families have been hurt by the failures of Lansing politicians for too long.

Enough is enough.

I’m Bill Schuette and I’ll make it right.”

Bill Schuette’s Plan to Cut Auto Insurance Rates:

⇒ Fight fraud, stop frivolous lawsuits, and give consumers more choices.

⇒ Create a fraud authority to track scam networks and stop false claims that are driving up costs for everyone else.

⇒ Set strict new standards and penalties for bad actors filing frivolous lawsuits.  Michigan auto lawsuits have spiked statewide by over 100% over the past 10 years.

⇒ Crack down on collusion between unethical trial lawyers and fly-by-night medical providers.

⇒ Put more cops on the streets to prevent auto thefts and chop shops that drive up insurance costs.

⇒ Use Bill’s leadership skills and experience in the legislative branch to bring all sides to the table and make reform happen.  Everyone will have to give for Michigan families to finally get relief. Bill Schuette will take charge as governor and make it his personal priority to lower insurance costs for Michigan families.


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