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Detroit Police Officers Association Endorses Bill Schuette for Governor

LANSING— The Bill Schuette for Governor campaign today announced that Attorney General Bill Schuette has been endorsed for governor by the Detroit Police Officers Association (DPOA).

“As Police Officers, we take an oath to serve and protect. And as Attorney General, Bill Schuette has displayed great poise and diligence in representing the citizens of Michigan,” said Mark Diaz, DPOA President. “Attorney General Schuette’s leadership and commitment to truly representing the best interests of our citizenry is second to no other.”

“The DPOA PAC proudly endorses Attorney General Bill Schuette for Governor of the State of Michigan. The DPOA endorsement of Bill Schuette is a testament to our dedication to serve and protect our Michigan residents on all fronts. We are proud and honored to support Bill Schuette and look forward to working with him in his next role as Governor of the State of Michigan.”

The DPOA represents the approximately 1,700 officers of the Detroit Police Department who work around the clock to protect the citizens of the City of Detroit.

“I am proud to be selected as the best candidate for governor by the women and men of the DPOA,” said Schuette. “Officers of the Detroit Police Department put their lives at risk every day to protect families in Michigan’s largest city. I stand with them as they work to provide public safety and I am honored they will stand with me.”

Attorney General Bill Schuette is a champion for law enforcement officers in Detroit and across Michigan. Schuette successfully prosecuted a man who made online terror threats against Detroit police officers, pushed for a new law that keeps repeat violent offenders behind bars and out of neighborhoods, and fought in court for police pensions during the Detroit bankruptcy proceedings.

Schuette, Michigan’s chief law enforcement officer, also has received the endorsements of many other law enforcement officials, including 43 county prosecutors, 43 county sheriffs, and the Police Officers Association of Michigan.

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