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Bill Schuette, Kid Rock, Jim Harbaugh and Michigan Workers

What do Bill Schuette, Kid Rock, Jim Harbaugh and Michigan workers share?

After starting Bill’s campaign with more than 25 events across Michigan, I’ve gotta say I was looking forward to getting a breather.

Today I’m writing, but as a member of the digital team, my job the last week was to take photos, create videos and use them to communicate with, well– you!

By the time the weekend arrived, I was looking forward to the Kid Rock concert and checking out U-M football. Both were going to be a blast. And far different than my experiences at the job sites.

Or so I thought.

What I realized is that one thing actually ties all these people– Kid Rock, Coach Harbaugh, Bill and all the workers– together: they are tough, hard-working people.

Michigan workers are second-to-none when it comes to hard work and toughness. I grew up in the Lansing area, where manufacturing and building cars is part of the culture.

And as Bill talks about, Michigan never walks off the job, even when things get tough. We don’t quit. I saw that on our tour, where people told Bill with pride about the jobs they do everyday.

And while it may be a fun time to hit the Kid Rock concert or see Coach Harbaugh coach a Michigan football game, these Michiganians also exhibit the same work ethic and toughness. You can see it in how they prepare and how they win at what they do.

I’m guessing that’s why they both have so many fans here.

Bill also has that toughness. After we spent days keeping up with him on the roads across Michigan, I learned first-hand how hard he works and how focused and dedicated he is.

That’s why I believe him when he says his one goal is to be known as the Jobs Governor.

And, that’s also why I know there won’t be many times I’ll be taking a breather the next year-plus!

Let’s go!

Katie Hills, Digital Team
Bill Schuette for Governor

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