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Bill’s Plan

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Bill’s Plan

For Michigan

Make Michigan the Jobs State:

Bill will cut taxes, regulations and wasteful spending to strengthen our economy and create better paying jobs because Michigan families deserve a pay raise. He will champion vocational education, so whether our high school graduates are college-ready or job-ready, they will be ready. He will prepare students for careers in the skilled trades, ensuring multiple pathways to progress in our 21st century economy and a secure place in America’s middle class. Bill will fight to make Michigan number one and a place where people come to raise their families.

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End the Opioid Crisis:

Michigan is gripped by an epidemic of opioid addictions that must be fought on all fronts. Bill works daily to slow the availability of opioids and heroin with a special criminal unit that targets the distribution of these drugs. However, we cannot arrest our way out of this problem, so Bill has supported legislation to limit prescriptions and the recent increased federal funding to create education and treatment programs at the state level that have been lacking. Ending the addiction crisis requires increased education before addiction starts and increased access to treatment programs.

Roll Back the Granholm Income Tax Hike:

Michigan taxpayers were told by former Gov. Jennifer Granholm that her income tax hike would be temporary. A decade later, she is gone but you are still paying. Bill will fight to roll back the Granholm income tax increase and give Michigan residents more money in their paychecks. A victory by Granholm’s lieutenants guarantees the roll back will never happen and taxes will only go higher.

Protecting Women and Children:

With Bill’s leadership, Michigan has made strides in protecting the victims of Human Trafficking and Sexual Assault. As governor, Bill will continue advancing programs to rescue and treat those who have become trapped in a life of sexual slavery and want to reclaim their lives. Michigan must continue to make the testing of sexual assault DNA evidence kits a priority to ensure the victims of these horrendous crimes receive justice and to get rapists off our streets.

Cut Auto Insurance Rates:

Bill will slash Michigan’s auto insurance rates, putting more money back in your wallet. He will work with all sides to get legislation passed to give Michigan families a pay raise by bringing rates down.

Hold Lansing Accountable:

Bureaucrats and elected officials must work for taxpayers, not look out for themselves. Bill will bring the highest ethical standards to Lansing with his plan to require personal financial disclosure for elected officials, make our legislature part-time, mandate that top officials release their tax returns, and expand freedom of information laws to include the Governor and Lieutenant Governor’s offices.

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Provide Our Kids with World-Class Schools:

Michigan’s school test scores are among the worst in the nation. Bill will change this by giving parents and students more choices, and ensuring all kids can read by the third grade. When we give parents a choice, we give children a chance. Bill will provide transportation scholarships for families that can’t afford the transportation costs for their children to escape failing schools and gain access to special programs.

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Defending Your Rights:

Bill is a strong defender for the rights of the unborn and has been repeatedly supported by Michigan Right to Life. He is an avid hunter and protector of our 2nd Amendment rights. Bill has been repeatedly endorsed by the National Rifle Association and received an “A” rating.