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Winning for Michigan

As Attorney General, Bill Schuette has taken on tough fights and delivered results for Michigan families.

Fighting Against:

Barack Obama

Bill Schuette successfully opposed President Obama’s job-killing energy regulations that would have hurt Michigan’s economy and increased utility bills for hard-working families.


Bill Schuette successfully terminated the state taxpayer-funded pensions of 13 school principals who embezzled millions of dollars from Detroit’s school children.

Fighting For:

Crime Victims & Single Moms

Bill Schuette fought for victims of violent crime and won. Schuette got justice for rape victims by finding funding to test abandoned evidence kits, track down the rapists and prosecute them. And, Bill has helped recover millions in back child support for children in need.


Bill Schuette stood up to the governor of his own party to oppose one of the largest tax hikes in Michigan’s history.

How do we judge a leader’s ability to achieve big results? The test of leadership is not what you say, but what you do. As your Attorney General, I have a record of accomplishment for Michigan and I will do the same as your Governor.