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Bill Schuette

A leader with the guts and the vision to write Michigan’s next chapter. We need more jobs and bigger paychecks. Michigan families shouldn’t have to settle for less than being the best.
We’re Michigan, and it’s time to win again.

A Voice for Victims

Bill Schuette is the 53rd Attorney General for the State of Michigan. As Michigan’s top law enforcement officer, Bill Schuette has been a powerful voice for victims. He formed the Michigan Commission on Human Trafficking, engineered the plan to fund the testing of thousands of long-abandoned DNA evidence boxes to provide justice to victims of sexual assault and led the effort to put 1,000 new cops on the street.


Schuette successfully fights back against corruption. He led the termination of taxpayer-funded pensions for 13 Detroit school principals who embezzled millions.


Schuette is a strong conservative who successfully sued to stop the Obama Administration from imposing job-killing regulations on Michigan’s economy.


Schuette is a fiscal conservative who has successfully fought against tax increases and to allow Michigan families to keep more of their hard-earned money.

Fixing Our Broken Economy

As Governor, Bill Schuette will fight to make Michigan a national leader in job creation and wage growth. Schuette is tired of Michigan families being forced to accept less. He is committed to cutting taxes, eliminating wasteful spending, and fighting for other pro-growth reforms to put Michigan’s economy and workers back on top.

Delivering Results

While Lansing and Washington politicians talk and make empty promises, Bill Schuette has established a proven record of delivering results. He advocated effectively for Michigan farmers as the Director of the Michigan Department of Agriculture. He fought successfully for taxpayers, working families and small businesses as a Michigan State Senator, and he protected and upheld Michigan’s constitution as a judge in the Michigan Court of Appeals.

Education & Experience

Bill Schuette is a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and studied at the University of Aberdeen, in Aberdeen, Scotland. He received his law degree from the University of San Francisco School of Law. While still in his thirties, Schuette was a congressional foot soldier in Ronald Reagan’s conservative revolution that led to the creation of more than 20 million jobs and some of the biggest tax cuts in American history.

Family & Community

Schuette and his wife Cynthia reside in their hometown of Midland, Michigan, and are the parents of daughter Heidi and son Bill. Bill and Cynthia attend Messiah Lutheran Church in Midland and created the Michigan Harvest Gathering, a food and fund drive to benefit Michigan’s food banks. The Michigan Harvest Gathering has raised more than $10 million and collected millions of pounds of food to assist those struggling in poverty.

As Governor, Bill Schuette will fight to make Michigan a national leader in job creation and wage growth.