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About Lisa


Lisa Posthumus Lyons

“When I entered the legislature, Michigan was flat on its back. But we worked hard, reformed government, and got Michigan on its feet. When Bill Schuette asked me to be his running mate I did not hesitate because I worked too hard on Michigan’s comeback to let Gretchen Whitmer take us back to the Lost Decade.” – Lisa Posthumus Lyons

Family and Community

Lisa Posthumus Lyons and her husband Brad are the parents of four children. They reside in Alto, where they live on their long-time family farm. Lyons is a graduate of Michigan State University. Lisa is prolife and active with the Alpha Women’s Center in Grand Rapids.

Lyons was named as one of the “50 Most Influential Women in West Michigan” by the Grand Rapids Business Journal and as a “rising Republican star” by MLive. And, her family has a long history of public service. Lisa’s father, Dick Posthumus, was Michigan’s Lieutenant Governor from 1999-2003, the Republican nominee for governor in 2002, and currently serves in the administration of Gov. Rick Snyder.

Delivering Results for Michigan

Lisa Posthumus Lyons served three-terms as member of the Michigan House of Representatives, from 2011-2016. Lisa was a leader on education issues in the legislature, where she was chair of the House Education Committee. She is also an expert on elections issues as well, serving as the leader of the House Elections & Ethics Committees. Lisa was selected by her fellow legislators as an Assistant Majority Floor Leader in the House. Today, she is the Kent County Clerk /Register of Deeds, a post to which she was elected in 2016.

Growing Our Paychecks

Lisa will work to reform our insurance laws to reduce sky-high auto insurance premiums and put more money in your paycheck. And she will fight to lower our tax burden, grow our income, and help families pay for skyrocketing health costs and other household bills.

Making Michigan a Growth State

Lisa knows that we cannot go back to the Lost Decade of Gretchen Whitmer and Jennifer Granholm, when Michigan lost thousands of jobs and families to other states. Using her background as the leader of the House Education Committee, she will work to improve our failing reading scores and increase opportunities for obtaining the job training needed for thousands of good paying, available jobs in the skilled trades.

Protecting the Survivors of Sexual Assault

In addition to her efforts on education and election reform, Lisa is also known for her efforts to protect the survivors of sexual assault. While in the legislature, Lyons sponsored legislation allowing a victim of sexual assault that results in pregnancy to petition for an end of parental rights by the assailant. Her bill was passed by both houses of the state legislature and signed into law by the governor as Public Act 96 of 2016.

You can read the Bill Schuette for Governor Campaign’s press release announcing Lisa as Bill’s running mate here.